Here’s What You Need To Know About Fisherman Hats Before You Purchase

Man fishing while wearing a tan fisherman hat

When it comes to hats that are stylish and protect individuals from the sun, insects, UV rays, and rain, the fisherman hat is among the top choices. It’s a versatile option as a fashion statement and a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts. 

According to Grandview Research, the headgear market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2023 to 2030. The increase is primarily due to weather conditions and the uptick in fashion accessories

By paying attention to materials, size, and comfort, consumers can pick a fisherman hat style that fits their personality. This article examines the common types of fisherman hats and how they’re different from other, similar styles. 

The ABCs of the fisherman hat

Two men fishing on a dock wearing camouflage fisherman hats

Other than style, the fisherman hat offers sun and rain protection for individuals who are fishing, farming, or camping. Given the simplistic style of fisherman hats, they’re unisex and suitable for children, too. To ensure a proper fit, measure the circumference of your head before shopping. Not all fisherman hats are one size fits all. 

Fisherman hat vs bucket hat

Lady wearing a yellow fisherman hat and sunglasses

They may look similar but bucket hats and fisherman hats have subtle, different styles. Bucket hats are round and have a narrow, downward-sloping brim. Fisherman hats have a more relaxed crown, while bucket hats are more structured. 

Like fisherman hats, bucket hats come in different materials, including cotton, leather, nylon, and denim. Both are meant to be weather-resistant and functional. The wide brim is ideal for protecting users from the sun and rain. 

Both styles come in an array of colors. They’re also versatile and stylish enough to be dressed up or down and especially suited for outdoor activities. 

Fisherman hat styles

Man in the foreground wearing a black fisherman hat

The fisherman hat is a casual, wide-brimmed hat primarily made from cotton. Because they’re made from cotton, they can easily be cleaned or spot treated. It can be worn during indoor and outdoor activities. Most come with an attached string so it can be adjusted. 

Most fisherman hats are made to be quick-dry, but those made from more weather-sensitive materials, like leather, aren’t meant to be worn in wet climates. When leather gets wet, the moisture can dry it out. However, hats made from full grain or top grain leather can get wet due to their durability and resistance to humid weather. 

Since there are several types fisherman hats, the following are the most common styles: 

Fisherman beanie

Man holding a large salmon catch wearing a fisherman beanie

A fisherman beanie is another type of fisherman hat, but it’s knitted. It doesn’t have a brim and comes in an array of colors. Most are constructed with a pulled up cuff and made of wool or acrylic. These hats are versatile enough for fashion and function. 

Unlike the bucket or traditional fisherman’s hat, the beanie doesn’t have a crown. So, it fits closely to the head. In inclement weather, the beanie can be pulled over the ears for warmth. Beanies are a common staple during winter months. 

Greek fisherman hat

Woman smiling wearing a leather Greek fisherman hat

The Greek fisherman hat originated in Greece in the 19th century. It may also be called a fiddler, mariner’s, sailor’s, or skipper cap. It was commonly worn by factory workers, fishermen, and seamen along the coastal regions. Now these hats are widely available and worn by the general public.

These hats can be made from cotton, wool, suede, polyester, velour, denim, leather, or corduroy, but the most common colors are blue, tan, and black. Some manufacturers sell two-toned Greek fisherman hats. The lining is commonly satin, and some hats have a leather or cardboard sweatband. 

The Greek fisherman hat is constructed with a peaked cap, which is a curved part on the front of the hat. Some hats are styled with a braided or ribbon cord along the hatband. Many Greek fisherman hats feature round eyelet buttons or nautical pins for ventilation and style.  

Since this type of fisherman hat has a distinctive shape, it may be suitable with a more simple look, such as jeans/shorts and T-shirt. However, for denim or leather Greek fisherman hats, consumers may opt for dress pants, a blazer, and dress shirt. 

Long bill hat

Man fly fishing while wearing a long bill hat

Long bill hats have an extended brim at the front of the cap. The brim is curved and longer than standard baseball hats. This style also provides sun protection for the eyes, and it’s lightweight and breathable. 

Long bill hats may be constructed from cotton, nylon, or polyester. One bonus with this style is that most hats come with adjustable closures on the back. Like other fisherman hat options, the long bill hat is available in different colors. 

What to consider when buying fisherman hats

Rear view of a man fishing on the water

Not all fisherman hats are made the same, so consumers should be aware of these key considerations:

  • Materials: Being near the water, look for hat styles with quick dry materials like cotton, nylon, and canvas. The material also affects the hat’s durability, so it shouldn’t be poorly constructed.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s for style or function, fisherman hats can fit in both categories. But consumers need to determine the purpose that fits their lifestyle.
  • Maintenance: Like any other article of clothing, cleaning fisherman hats shouldn’t be a lengthy or complicated process. Many styles are machine washable and are labeled with manufacturer recommendations. 
  • Sun protection: While all of the abovementioned hat styles are designed for sun protection, some offer more coverage.
  • Style: The ultimate consideration for consumers could be how well the hat looks. Wide brim, brightly colored, or structured construction are just some of the options to consider.

The bottom line

Man on a boat wearing a tan fisherman hat

Fisherman hats may have originated to protect individuals from sun or rain while working outdoors, but they’ve become a popular choice for kids and adults as part of their fashion style.

With this evolution has come the inclusion of assorted colors, fabrics, and artistic features. When purchasing a fisherman hat, consumers should consider the material, size, fit, and overall design. has an array of hat choices that appeal to consumers’ budgets and styles. 





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